Above: detail from pieces (mixed media on canvas, 60 x 48")

Nothing has intrigued me more than manga. Manga is more than escape and fantasy.
I value manga as an inner landscape that can be observed, depicted and shared artistically.

P I E C E S: Locating a sense of self in manga is the expression of self with popular manga culture. The creative journey of manga-centric contemporary artist Alexis HY began with her passion for manga. Today, this passion has led her to embark on a career in the arts. 

As an artist, Alexis chooses to align herself with manga culture and to represent herself with manga narratives, characters and sensibilities. She sources for raw materials in the world of manga and creates art that capture her experience of manga. 

The exhibition
P I E C E S is the showcase of Alexis's inner landscape of manga, and the emotional journey of her inner life expressed with the imagery of popular manga culture. 


P I E C E S: Locating a sense of self in manga はマンガの世界を使って自分を表現することです。 幼い頃から私はコミックスを読んでいました。今、マンガの世界が私自身の象徴、作品のインスピレーションの材料となってます。マンガの世界のかけらを集めて芸術作品を創っています。 そして、マンガの世界を捕まえるように絵を描きます。P I E C E S の個展はマンガの世界を使って私自身の感情の旅を示すことなのです。

All manga referenced are not my original creation. 
Their original sources are indicated whenever appropriate.